Tokyo Toys Brand The Royal Wedding!

With the Royal Wedding almost upon us you will have no doubt have noticed the plethora of merchandising now available, all of course adorned with the happy couples faces beaming back at you. Whether it is the traditional commemorative plates and flags or the more modern comic book (yes you did just read that last bit right), there is no shortage of choices for the consumer to choose from.

However perhaps the best and most novel use of this festive event belongs to the London based retailer, Tokyo Toys, who have decided that instead of just celebrating the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, they are going to have a Royal Wedding of their very own!

“Our mascots Coco & Kiki have decided to tie the knot! And in patriotic style they have decided on a Cosplay Royal Wedding theme and have chosen April 29th as their special day in honour of Prince William and Kate,” comments Tokyo Toys co-owner and co-founder, Hideki.

So to celebrate their version of the Royal Wedding, Tokyo Toys will be selling for a limited time only via their Piccadilly Circus (London) and online based stores, specially designed Royal Wedding mugs and Tote bags both of which featuring the happy cosplaying couple. There is also rumour of a special commemorative t-shirt being released on April 29th to celebrate the occasion! But in the mean time fans can head over to the Tokyo Toys website to pre-order their choice of Tote bag or mug before their official release on Wednesday 26th April but with the combined price of both being just over £10, it seems a shame not to grab these collector’s items before they sell out.

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