Smallville Finale First Look! Pictures and Video!

The time is almost upon us, after over ten years and 217 episodes, Smallville is set to bow out May 13th with a finale which insiders say, is set to be super!

So, in what seems to be both a bid to tease and celebrate this special two part finale, The CW have released some images and promo videos and so far what they show certainly does not promise to disappoint fans.

For starters we have final proof that the finale will feature the long awaited wedding of Lois and Clark but although it may show the wedding, will this actually happen or will it be explained away in the episode as being nothing more than a dream sequence, only time will tell.


However the one thing we do know that is definately happening and is sure to make fans old and new drool with delight, is the return of Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor and thanks to The CW and Entertainment Weekly, we can now take a little peak at this eagerly awaited return.

Smallville, Finale Parts one and two are set to air Friday 13th May 2011 on The CW and if these pictures and videos are anything to go by, the show is set to go out with a bang!

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, The CW

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