WWE Star revives Rick Rolling

Pic Courtesy of WWE.com

Just when you thought you had seen the end of the Rick Rolling craze that swept the internet  a short time ago, it returns! This time however we owe the revival to a very unlikely source,  WWE star and legend, Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Austin, who can currently be seen hosting The WWE and USA Networks Tough Enough reality series, decided that he would tweet his new video version (Click play below to watch it) of the craze as a prank on his twitter followers.

In this version the former toughest S.O.B. in Sports Entertainment can be seen miming and dancing to the Rick Astley 80’s classic, Never Gonna Give You Up,  in a black t-shirt and sunglasses. This video was tweeted by the Austin this past Monday night and fans have already coined a the term, “Stone Cold Rolled” for those who fall for the video.

Photo courtesy WWE.com

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