Epic new Transformers: Dark of the Moon trailer


So a ton (well, several tonnes really) of giant killer robots land on the moon, bury themselves and await a signal from the Earth before commencing their attack on the population below, Sounds cool, right?
Well after watching the new trailer for the blockbuster 3rd title in the movie series, I can confirm that it is nothing short of epic.

To see what I mean and get a sense of  the film which is once again directed by Michael Bay, you can watch the trailer posted below in full HD.
Transformers: Dark of the Moon is released into cinemas in 3D on the 1st of July.


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  1. […] Dark of the Moon has arrived, but at just a minute long it’s clearly a condensed version of the full trailer that was revealed just a few weeks ago. However there are a few tiny snippets of new footage […]

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