Modern Warfare 3 set for a June reveal

It is no surprise that the reveal of a new Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 3,  is  imminent – we all knew it was coming. That does not mean  that we are any less excited though! The next instalment in the hugely successful franchise is set to be revealed in June, as teased in the Official Playstation Magazine ( see picture below). The picture also shows us the date of June 8th, which as coincidence would have it, is the same time as E3. It also appears, according to rumours,  that Craig Fairbass – the voice behind Gaz in the original Modern Warfare and Ghost in Modern Warfare 2 -may be returning to the series, although what role he would be playing is anyone’s guess. In the meantime the countdown to June 8th and the first possible look at one of this years biggest selling titles continues!


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