New Transformers: Dark of the Moon footage in French Trailer and Children’s Books Spoilers


A new French trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon has arrived, but at just a minute long it’s clearly a condensed version of the full trailer that was revealed just a few weeks ago. However there are a few tiny snippets of new footage included in the montage.

It may not amount to much, but there are one-second glimpses of John Malkovich as Sam’s boss Bruce Brazos and Patrick Dempsey as a racing-car driver named Dylan, as well as an extra bit of the traditional Michael Bay money-shot in which we see a skyscraper is taken apart.

If after watching the trailer you finding yourself still yearning for more, then you might be interested to know that a few spoilers have been unearthed by fansite Transformer World 2005, regarding information from the soon to be released children’s book’s The Lost Autobot and Optimus Prime’s Friends and Foes.

I’m not going to list any huge spoilers here, for fear that a lunatic will become so outraged they’ll hunt me down. However the site does list a few details about the new TransformersMirage, a Ferrari that likes to be invisible (hence the name), Laserbeak, a condor that can change into many forms such as a TV set or a computer, and Wheeljack, a Blue Mercedes Benz who likes to invent things. There are also a few substantial plot points, particularly about Sentinel Prime.

It’s anyone’s guess if these children’s stories will be an accurate representation of what will be in the final film, but some of what’s listed does appear to match up what’s been shown in the trailers so far. So if you want to read more about the books and the spoilers then click here at your own risk.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon opens in the UK and US on July 1st.

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