MCM Buzz Exclusive: MCM Expo Announce 3 Voice Actors

Continuing with our exclusive MCM Expo London Comic Con related announcements, The MCM Buzz can exclusively reveal the addition of three voice actors to the guest list for next weekend’s event.

The voice actors (All of whom will be do a panel on the Comic Village stage) that we can exclusively announce are:

Ben Diskin (Signing For Free) Who is known for his roles on Avatar: The Last Airbender (Hahn), Naruto (Arashi Fuma), Naruto Shippuden (Sai), The Spectacular Spider-Man (Venom) and in video games Call of Duty 3 (Private Huxley) and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (Spider-Man and Penance).

The second of the voice actors is Brian Beacock (Signing For Free) who amongst his many roles is known for his work animes  Durarara!! (Walter Yumasaki), Bleach (Yumichika Ayasegawa), Blue Dragon ( Andropov/Homeron), Naruto (Sakon / Mizura / Ukon )  and Dragon Ball (Piano).

And the final voice actor who will be attending is Phil Proctor (Not Free Signing)whose work includes Rugrats (Howard Deville), Tarzan ( English Captain, Scared Elephant), Toy Story 2 (Airline Rep, Japanese Collector, Sign-Off), Toy Story (Bowling Announcer), Assassin’s Creed (All incarnations as Dr. Warren Vidic), Dead Rising  (Russell Barnaby) and Final Fantasy X-2 ( Berai/Donga).

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