New alternate reality-cop show Awake gets a trailer

JASON ISAACS is set for a return to our TV screens in NBC’s new cop drama-cum-alternate reality sci-fi series Awake.

The Brit star of Brotherhood – as well as Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire – stars as detective Michael Britten who discovers he is living two lives in two separate realities following a fatal car accident.

When he wakes after the crash he is told his wife Hannah (played by Laura Allen) died but his teenage son Rex (Dylan Minnette) survived.

Moments later, he reawakens in another reality where Rex has died but his wife survived.

It all boils down to one question – what if you lost a loved one? How would you carry on your life? Or in Britten’s case – have either of his family really died? Is he dreaming or is this unusual twist of fate real?

It’s a double life…but not as we know it.

As you’ll no doubt have guessed, confusion will reign supreme in Awake. But what we will discover is just how powerful the mind can be.

Awake is part of NBC’s fall schedule.

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