Photo Etiquette at Expo

An event like the London MCM Expo is ideal for snapping photos of cosplayers. The following are just a few basic helpful hints when it comes to having or taking photos, some of which have also been raised on the MCM Expo Forums. This is labelled for both photographers and cosplayers, though chances are that some people will be doing both.


So you’ve just seen a cool cosplay of a character that you recognise and you want to get a photo. Some photographer’s may be a bit shy in asking for a photo, and so may just walk on, or try to sneak one in. As a general rule, ask for permission.

It doesn’t hurt in being polite by taking the time to ask for permission. If they say yes, then great, take a photo. If they say no, then respect their wishes and move on. Do not pressure anyone into having a photo taken.

Be especially considerate when it comes to photographing young children; in which case, do ask permission of the accompanying parent or guardian.

Try to take your photo in a decent location. It’s understandable that you may stumble upon a cool cosplayer while you’re in a crowded part of the ExCel Centre hall, but keep in mind that it can be slightly annoying for other people that can’t move on, because by wanting to take a picture you’ve blocked a busy aisle. It’s not hard to find somewhere a little more spacious.

If you’re a fan of the character then feel free to take a quick minute to talk to the cosplayer about their costume/character. Also, if your camera has a digital display, it’s also nice to show the cosplayer the finished photo. They may like it, and in turn pass on an e-mail address so you can forward it to them. Or they may ask to have another photo.


By cosplaying at an event like London MCM Expo, it’s highly likely that someone will ask you for a photo. If you’re cosplaying for the first time, and someone would like to take your picture, then it probably means that person thinks your cosplay is great! Congratulations!

Some may see it as an honour that their cosplay is worthy of a picture. However, if for any reason you feel uncomfortable with having your photo taken, then you do have the right to decline and say no.

When placing yourself into position for a photo, strive to make an eye catching pose the way your character does. You may encounter some photographers that will talk you into a character specific pose. Depending on the cosplay, it may help to bring a prop which can enhance a pose as well as the overall photo.

When posing for one person, be prepared to find that, another photographer (or five) may also suddenly turn up to take a picture. It can feel great to receive such lavish attention, though keep in mind that one or two photos could suddenly evolve into more than that.

If you wish, you can ask the photographer to show you the finished photo. If it’s something you like the look of, then pass an e-mail address on, so the photographer can forward it on to you.

Feel free to join any events taking place during the weekend on the MCM Fringe, you’ll get a chance to pose for photos or take pictures of some exceptional cosplay. If you can think of anything else worth mentioning, or simply wish to share your experiences, then feel free to comment below! Above all else, have fun during Expo.

(Thanks to the parents of Jacob Lin Sahota for the photo).

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