Top Five Cosplay Accessories

If you take a good look around MCM Expo, you’ll notice there are certain items which crop up a lot in the cosplay world. Whether it’s because they complete a character’s outfit or simply look cute, here are (what I believe to be) the top five cosplay accessories:

Cat ears – The neko look is always in. And it’s easy to see why: it’s adorable. Kitty ears add a touch of feline moe to any ensemble, and with the development of Neurowear’s Necomimi underway, perhaps in a few years time there’ll be a plethora of convincingly twitchy-eared catgirls and boys roaming the Expo halls. Nyā!

Wigs – A wig has the power to turn a good cosplay into a great one.  If the character you’re dressing up as has particularly difficult hair (like Miku Hatsune, for example), then a wig could be the answer to your problems. Purchasing a good quality, customisable wig is recommended – that way you can get it just right!

Coloured contact lenses – Subtle yet effective, coloured contacts are popular and show that the cosplayer takes their character seriously. They come in a variety of colours and designs, some much quirkier than others. One of my personal favourites is the blood-red shade, because it reminds me of Zero from Vampire Knight.

Goggles – Goggles are rather dependent on the wearer’s style, but are cool in all contexts. Steampunk goggles are an essential part of a steampunk enthusiast’s wardrobe and an interesting mix of retro and futuristic, typical of the fashion. Goggles also feature in other trends such as visual kei and anime. Don’t worry if you’re not cosplaying as a character who wears them – they act as a super stand-alone accessory.

Weapons – Whether it’s an impossibly sized sword (a la Cloud Strife’s buster sword), a pair of pistols, ninja throwing stars (shuriken), or a less conventional tool such as a Death Note, weapons have a certified place in cosplay. Many cosplayers make their own props, but weapon replicas are also available to purchase at the Expo. And hey, if all else fails you could just equip yourself with a sharp tongue and quick wit.

There are, of course, many other regular accessories in the cosplay realm. If you can think of more ‘must-haves’, feel free to comment below! If you’re a first-time cosplayer, check out our helpful Top Tips for Rookie Cosplayers.

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