Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 Hands on Preview


Tecmo Koei Europe Ltd have always been a large presence at the gaming booths of the London MCM Expo, and this weekend they brought Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, the lastest entry into the Dynasty Warriors series. The game has new Gundams and more playable mobile suits than ever before, including much-loved fan-favourite the Deathscythe Gundam from the Gundam Wing series. A new Drop in/Drop out online co-op mode is in the game and allows people to go into or out of your game seamlessly.

Tecmo Koei had set up 4 booths of Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 at the event and the game itself played very much like any other game in the Dynasty Warriors franchise; you attack hordes of enemies in “Zones”, and have to either capture each Zone or take out the Zone’s boss… who is usually a full-fledged character in the game. You can attack and chain combos with the face buttons of the joypad, with square being the most basic attack all the way to circle, which uses your SP meter. However the most interesting component is a new addition specific to Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3: the Partner System. The Partner System is used to aid you in battle and you can choose from any mobile suit to help you in those tight situations. Nedless to say, summoning your partner and then doing a combo on a boss will unleash absolute hell on-screen, and the great thing is that there’s no slowdown to the game at all while this is happening. I was pretty impressed by this as the HUD was alerting me to new things, everything was exploding, and there was a massive amount of enemies on-screen all at once.

Another addition to Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 is the very different artstyle. The other Dynasty Warriors Gundam games had more realistic graphics, with the gundams almost looking like their model kit counterparts. This time round Tecmo-Koei have decided to change the art to a more anime-like cell shading. It’s effective and makes the art used in Dynasty Warriors Gundam 1 and 2 look dull by comparison.

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 has planned DLC with new mobile suits and missions coming soon after launch and the game itself coming out on the 1st of July this year.  It’s not long until we see it hitting shelves and it’s shaping up to be the Dynasty Warriors Gundam game to date.

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