Green Lantern Panel

Jayne Trotman and Mark Ward, publicity directors for Warner Bros, took to the stage at the London MCM Expo, explaining that they needed ten volunteers! “We have a little task,” said Jayne. “You put on the ring, and say ‘Green Lantern’s Light.’ You’ll win a Green Lantern T-Shirt. I need two winners.

With the volunteers chosen, each one walked to the end of the stage and shouted “Green Lantern’s Light,” some even spoke the oath in full! Jayne was undecided on whom to choose as her two winners… so each volunteer walked away with a Green Lantern T-Shirt and also won an invitation to a special preview screening of Green Lantern. It goes to show that if you come to Expo, and take part, then very good things could happen!

The panel ended with six and a half minutes of exclusive footage from the film, showing Hal: learning to fly, fight training with Sinestro (“You reek of fear Hal Jordan”), and sharing a few intimate moments with Carol Ferris.

Green Lantern opens in the UK and US on June 17th.

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