Stalls at London Expo : Cybercandy


Cybercandy's Stand at expo


This weekend at the London MCM Expo there are many stalls selling anime, tv, movie or comic memorabillia. Cybercandy are selling none of the above; as you can probably tell from their name and the picture above they sell foreign sweets and drinks. The usual suspects are all present at their stand; Mountain Dew, Pocky and of course every single variation of them known to man are well-stocked. Cybercandy stands out because they import goods not only from America and Japan, but also items from New Zealand, Australia, Germany and a myriad of other countries across the globe.

Even very rare items like Marshmallow Fluff spread and the elusive Giant Rainbow Pocky are present at their stand and available to the general public for their sweety goodness!  It’s not all solids and confectionary products though; they also stock official licensed energy drinks branded by famous Capcom franchises such as Mega Man E-Tanks, Resident Evil T-Virus Antidotes, and many more.  Even The Simpsons’ Duff Beer is present at their booth, although it’s non-alcoholic! Duff Beer is an iconic part of pop culture and remains relevant to this day.

Cybercandy will be selling all their goodies throughout the weekend at the London MCM Expo and are located just off Games Avenue. If you’re a person with a “sweet tooth” then Cybercandy is the place to go!

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