Beckii Cruel Makes Her Debut at London MCM Expo

A few weeks before the London MCM Expo, you may have heard MCM Buzz’s Podcast with special guest, Beckii Cruel. Since the announcement of her attendance at the Expo on the Podcast, a vast amount of people gathered around the Totally Cosplay stage in the main exhibition halls to watch her first performance of the day. Before that, MCM Buzz managed to have a quick chat with the teenage performer, who is currently taking her GCSE’s.

Hi Beckii – this is your first Expo and convention. How are you finding the experience so far?

Different than I expected, for sure. I can’t believe how many people there are!

Have you been recognised as you walk around?

Not so much yesterday, but today there’ve been more and I’ve had a few pictures with fans.

Seeing as we’re at the Totally Cosplay stage, what’s your favourite cosplay that you’ve danced in?

I think it would have to be Haruhi Suzumiya. I mean it was the first one and kind of started everything.

Will the Haruhi cosplay be making an appearance again in the future?

I don’t know actually. Maybe, I would like that.

And what can we expect to see from you in the near future?

We’ll I’ve just been recording a new album, which is due to be out in July.

Thanks Beckii!

She then stepped on stage and for forty minutes performed a total of four songs to a growing crowd, as well as answering questions from fans and onlookers about what it’s like to be in the public eye whilst studying for her GCSE’s. Beckii admitted that she is heavily influenced by Japanese culture in particular, but did enjoy music from Korea and China too: her favourite Japanese bands being Morning Musume and The Gazette. Later Beckii performed on the MCM Fringe stage, just outside of the ExCel Centre.

Stay tuned for a video of Beckii Cruel’s performance, coming soon.

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