Nintendo to Update 3DS – Web Browser, Store and Pokedex 3D

Lucky European owners of the Nintendo 3DS will be excited to hear that on June 7th 2011 they will be able to download a free update that will add an Internet browser to the portable console and a special 3DS store called the ‘Nintendo eShop‘.  Within the Nintendo eShop gamers will be able to download Pokedex 3D which will likely result in millions of Pokemon fans coating their Nintendo 3DS in red paint.

3ds update with pokedex 3dAdditionally, the NES game ‘Excitebike‘ has undergone a 3D facelift and will accompany the console update as free content on the Nintendo eShop which will no doubt entice the older Nintendo fangirls and boys into purchasing games yet again on another console.  NES Classics such as Super Mario Land, Alleyway and Tennis are the first of the old titles which will be released followed by new titles when the Nintendo eShop updates each week on a Thursday.  The Virtual Console is said to allow owners of the 3DS to enjoy old Gameboy and Gameboy Color titles in both 3D and their original 2D glory.

For owners of the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL, the system update will allow the transfer of previous DSiWare purchases to their Nintendo 3DS.  It will also enable the SpotPass feature that allows 3DS owners to download exclusively available content at supported WiFi hotspots.

When the update goes live you simply tap on System Settings -> Other Settings and then scroll to the page that says ‘System Update‘.  Until then, why not enjoy some Pokedex practice by pointing your Nintendo 3DS camera at pigeons and carrying six capsule toy containers in your pockets?

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