BREAKING: Nintendo’s Project Cafe Controller detailed!

In a financial report from technology company Nikkei the company detailed the components and features of Nintendo‘s elusive and tentatively titled ‘Project Café‘ controller.  Over the past few weeks, details have been leaked regarding Nintendo‘s successor to the Wii. Many claims were made about the console’s power and of particular interest, its controller.  Other sources claim that the new Nintendo console’s controller will have a 6-inch touchscreen, cameras and the ability to be used separately from the console as a standalone device.  As it turns out in a financial report from Nikkei, it’s all true.  An translated excerpt from Nikkei‘s report states:

“The new controller will include a  6” approx. touch panel, including rechargeable battery inside.
When not using TV, the controller is treated as a handheld.
When in use as a console, you play the game on the TV as usual.”

Judging from this report, it would appear that Nintendo are after both the tablet market as well as the home console market with their new console. Although a 6-inch touchscreen may seem excessive on a controller for a home console, bear in mind that Sony‘s NGP will boast a 5-inch screen and according to early tests it feels and plays just fine. It is unknown whether or not Nintendo will show Project Café at their conference next week at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, but one thing we do know is that with a company the size of Nintendo, the presence of a console which straddles both the tablet and home console markets is set to be a real game changer.


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