Letraset Announces Art Competition Winners from MCM Expo 2011

The Letraset stand is popular as ever this year

On the left – champions and challengers duke it out on Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition for the weekend’s greatest button basher.  On the right – hordes of people cram into the the lanes of professional and indie comic artists and writer who are lined up side by side to shop their latest epics.   But somehow, in the middle of it all, dozens of budding new artists are finding time to quietly scribble away in an oasis of calm amongst the hectic, crowd packed floor at the MCM Expo. Quiet though they may be, there is a fierce battle being fought for over £111 worth of high quality markers and drawing supplies!  It’s the returning MCM Expo Art Competition and this year Sweatdrop Studios leaves the event management in the capable hands of Letraset, provider of the competition prizes.

The competition is split into two main categories: Pre-made and Made-on-the-day.  For each category two main winners are selected and a number of quality runner-up entries are posted as ‘highly commended’.  The results from last weekend –

Which of these new artists will someday be selling comics in Comic Village?

Pre-Made Entries (under 16 y.o. category)

Winner – Katy Road

Highly Commended – Amy Gaudion, Dominique Matthew, Hayley Cotter

Pre-Made Entries (over 16 y.o. category)

Winner – Christine Campbell

Highly Commended – Karen Yumi Lusted, Leigh Bull, Stuart Punchard

Artist Alley Made-On-The-Day Entries (under 16 y.o. category)

Winner – Atalanta Ardene Miller

Highly Commended – Atalanta Arden Miller, Charley Hall, Xiao Hong Dip

Artist Alley Made-On-The-Day Entries (over 16 y.o. category)

Winner – Katherine Lynn

Highly Commended – Dan Mulcahy, Elsie Edgar, Rhiannon Tate

Other Awards

Letraset would also like to congratulate Saffron Willet for the ‘Rising Star Award‘ for best entry in the under 11 y.o. category.  Additionally the need for special ‘one-off’ awards go to Eireni Moutoussi for ‘Scariest Entry’, Conrad Lewis for the ‘Made Us Laugh‘ category and Eireni Moutoussi for the ‘Best Use of Colour‘.

Each winner received the following prize pack worth £111.59.

Tria 24 Set
Digital Tones Set 1
Screen Tone Project Kit Set 1
Comic Fonts CD
Fine Liner Pen
A4 Bleedproof Pad

We spoke to Paul Lewin from Letraset for a few words about running a this popular competition at MCM Expo.

MCMBuzz: Was the competition more difficult to run separately from Sweatdrop Studios this year?

Paul Lewin: We’ve taken over the general admin of the competition but the guys at SweatDrop were still on hand to help answer queries and keep things running smoothly on the day.

MCMBuzz: What kind of standard do you need to be to enter the competition?

Paul Lewin: We encourage artists of all ages, skills and styles to enter! When judging the competition we took into account many factors including amount of effort, quality of drawing and colouring, how well the entry relates to the theme, humour, storytelling and attention to detail. We’ve also separated the competition into age categories to give younger artists an equal chance.

MCMBuzz: Can we expect the competition to continue at the MCM Expo held in October later this year?

Paul Lewin: We had such great fun running the competition this year and we’ll definitely be running it again next year! Keep an eye out around a month before the October Expo when we will release details of the theme.

It’s great to see that young new artists can move straight from inspiration to creation by simply walking the short distance from Comic Village to Manga Alley at the MCM Expo and our congratulations to the winners from us here at MCM Buzz. We’ll be keeping an eye on the Comic Village table listing with great interest in October.

For more information and images of the winning artworks see the Letraset Blog.

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