E3 first look at Need For Speed: The Run gameplay

Gamers worldwide got a first look today at EA’s latest title in the Need For Speed series.

Need For Speed: The Run was announced just over a month ago and boasted some brilliant features such as the Frostbite 2 engine, however today, Jason DeLong, Executive Producer of NFS: The Run informed us that the game would feature gameplay elements never before seen in the NFS series, such as being able to control your player out of your car.

We were treated to about 5 minutes of footage from the game, in which we saw high speed car chases, action-packed chases on foot and even hand-to-hand combat with a police officer before stealing his vehicle. QTEs were seen to be used heavily in the game, although the driving seems to be just as fast paced and true to the original Need For Speed as ever, making sure that the new game lives up to it’s title.

Need For Speed: THe Run will also make use of the revolutionary Autolog system, just as the two previous NFS titles, Hot Pursuit and Shift 2 do, however, The Run aims to weave the system into the game’s main story so that players are constantly competing and playing socially with eachother.

No release date has been announced for the game yet.

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