New Super 8 Trailer and Six Minute Clip

Ahead of its US release this Friday, a new trailer for J.J. AbramsSuper 8 was aired during the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.

So what can be gathered from this latest trailer? Well it’s a lot more disturbing and ominous from what we’ve seen so far. It begins with the children filming their own film when the sudden railroad accident occurs. One of them, Joe (Joel Courtney) appears to have seen something. Another character who also claims to have, “saw it,” looks as if he’s about to be sedated. There are a lot of ruined streets, more floating objects and a tank. It still successfully contains the mystery.

As far as I’m aware, compared to the previous trailers, there appear to be no hidden clues, URL’s or images in this one. Though on a separate note, the URL has recently been unveiled, and apparently something will be revealed there very soon.

A six-minute clip has also emerged via MSN, which shows Charles (Riley Griffiths) setting up, rehearsing and filming a scene for his amateur zombie film, with his friends Martin (Gabriel Basso) and Alice (Elle Fanning) acting, only to be cut short after a train collides with a truck. It doesn’t contain any major spoilers, though there is a fair bit of bad language.

Given that the film’s premise is still a mystery and that there are no big stars, projections on how the film will perform in the US are proving tricky. Largely relying on the names of the director, J.J. Abrams, and its producer, Steven Spielberg, it’s also one of the few original blockbusters released this summer that isn’t based on any existing material. So far, the early reviews are incredibly positive.

Super 8 opens in the UK on August 5th.



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