XBOX Live Press Conference

9:33: Microsoft’s keynote opens with some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 footage, showcasing a mission that takes place underwater.  The player is tasked with tracking down a submarine and planting explosives on its engine.

9:35: After the submarine is out of commission, the player surfaces, showing the sight of a ruined New York City.  An infiltration into the submarine takes place.

9:39: Skipping ahead, the sub is destroyed, then we see an intense sea battle with the player navigating through battleships and other military boats.  After shooting down some enemy gunships, the player arrives safely and is taken out of the area with one more look at the ruins of New York.

9:45: Time for a live Tomb Raider demo. Lara is in a more dismal situation, fearing for her life while attempting to escape from unknown captors.  There’s a bit of puzzle solving and platforming to do before she ends up in an intense-looking sequence taking place within a collapsing cavern.  Also, she’s quite talky.  Releases in Fall 2012.

9:53: BioWare takes the stage with Mass Effect 3, now boasting Kinect support for voice recognition.  Players can speak selections during dialog sequences and order commands during battles.  The demo ends with a huge mecha about to attack Shepard, Garrus, and Mordin.

9:56: Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is being shown.  The highlist is the Gunsmith mode where you can modify every aspect of your weapons.  Ubisoft claims there are 20million possible gun combinations suited for various situations.  Very little lag seen when playing the game with Kinect.

10:00: All future Tom Clancy games will support Kinect.

10:04: Microsoft is showing off the latest Xbox 360 interface, including YouTube and Bing support in the future.  The interface is minimalistic, moving content to the middle and showing categories at the top.

10:07: Live television is coming to Xbox 360.  Microsoft is partnerning with TV stations worldwide to provide content.  The new interface and other features arrives Fall 2011.

10:12: Cliff Bleszinski and Ice-T arrive to demonstrate co-op Gears of War 3.  Marcus and company are dealing with Locusts of all sizes at sea.  Gigantic squid-like Locusts are wreaking havoc on battleships, forcing the team to escape on Silverbacks.

10:18: Ice-t introduces a special song about the Hoarde mode from Gears of War

10:20: Halo Combat evolved video, game is released November 15th 2011, Fully remastered campaign, Xbox Live co-op, seven classic multiplayer maps.

10:22: Forza Motorsport 4, New racing experienced promised, October 11th 2011

10:23: New Fable Journey unveiled, Has Kinect support for horse riding and spelling casting!

18:28: Minecraft is exclusive 360 and Kinect!!

18:29: New Disney partnership! Disneyland Adventures! You get to around Disneyland!

18:30: Kinect Star Wars!

18:35: You can use the force and a lightsaber!

18:37: Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster. A nervous developer, Tim Schafer, sarcastically introduces his demo family as very lifelike

18:42: Kinect developer Kudo Tsunoda now announces Kinect Fun Labs! Available on the dash

18:43: Your avatar captured now looks more like you. You can use Kinect finger tracking to draw on fully 3D images and then share it via Kinect

18:46: Kinect Objects allows you to scan in your favourite objects and bring them to life.

18:48: Kinect Fun Labs is live today! And available to all Xbox Live users!

18:49: Kinect Sports Season 2 is announced. Football and Golf shown by game producer and overly enthusiastic helpers.

18:54: Dance Central 2 announced! All songs importable for first game, campaign mode,  simultaneous multiplayer dance gaming added and voice commands added also.

18:56: Voice search will now allow you to search TV and movies.

18:57: All Call Of Duty DLC is on Live FIRST!

18:58: Halo 4 is Holidays 2012 and will be developed by 343 industries and Microsoft Studios and will feature Master Chief, Cortana. More importantly it is the first part of a new Halo Trilogy.

The press conference is now over and  personally I am looking forward to Star Wars Kinect, Fun Labs and HALO 4!!

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