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17:07 Nintendo’s E3 conference kicks off with an amazing orchestra accompanying a montage celebrating 25 years of Zelda.

17:10 Shigeru Myamito takes to the stage

17:14 The orchestra is asked to play sounds from the Zelda series, including “getting an item”.

17:15 The Legend of Zelda:Four Swords will be available as a free DSi Ware download in september.

17:16 The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening will be available in the Nintendo 3DS e-shop later today.

17:17 Skyward Sword will finally be released onto the Wii during the holiday season this year.

17:20 The Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary symphony concerts will be conducted in all regions around the world.

17:21 Two Legend of Zelda CDs will also be be released, the first, the soundtrack to Oot will, will be free to the first people who register the game. There will also be a CD highlighting the 25 anniversary concerts.

17:22 Miyamoto leaves the stage played out by the orchestra.

17:23 Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata takes to the stage.

17:25 He is talking about their new home console, saying that, “the new home console is something to look forward to next year.”

17:26 Iwata leaves the stage as we are shown a montage of upcoming Nintendo 3DS games, including Mario Kart, Starfox and Kid Icarus.

17:28 Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America takes to the stage.

17:29 he talks about headline titles for the 3DS, starting with Mario Kart.

17:30 A trailer for the game is shown, featuring familiar and new tracks, updated graphics and car customisation. Reggie says it will be released “This holiday season”.

17:31 Starfox is next, and we are told that tilting the 3DS will be a method of control, as well as buttons. The will be arriving in stores “This september.”

17:33 Super Mario 3D is now being talked about as the “first super mario created for scratch for a portable system.” A trailer is being shown.

17:34 We are told that we will be able to play before the year ends.

17:35 A Kid Icarus: Uprising trailer is now being shown.

17:36 Reggie says that players will discover 3-on-3 multiplayer action for the game, as well a AR card usage.

17:36 Next up is a trailer for “the first brother of video gaming” in Luigi’s Mansion 2.

17:38 We are told that it’s an entirely new game and not just a revision. Luigi’s Mansion 2 will feature several new mansions.

17:40 A montage for the upcoming 3DS game library is shown, including Tekken 3D, MGS: Snake Eater 3D and Ace Combat.

17:41 Reggie is now talking about the newly released E-shop releases and the Virtual Console.

17:43 He’s now moved onto the free copy of Excitebike 3D and Pokedex 3D.

17:44 “Each Pokemon has it’s own unique AR marker, meaning that you can superimpose it into images.”

17:45 Reggie is now talking about the new system, called “WiiU”

17:46 The new controller is shown, and it boasts a screen, confirming rumours.

17:47 A trailer for the Wii U is shown, showing off everything that the new controller can do with its 6.2 inch screen. “Coming 2012”

17:51 The Wii U is completely backwards compatible with the Wii.

17:52 The controller includes a touch screen, microscope, speakers, accelerometer, gyroscope and an inward facing camera.

17:53 “It was NOT designed to be a portable video game machine.”

17:54 The controller can be used for web browsing.

17:56 Shigeru Miyamoto says that there will not be a shortage of new ways to play games with the Wii U

17:57 A new Smash Brothers is “promised” to be developed for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, and the software will be compatible in some part.

17:59 A beautiful tech-demo is now being shown for the Wii U

18:03 The Lego City Stories is announced for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS

18:04 We are now shown a video of various developers and their thought on the Wii U and it’s controller. All praise it very highly.

18:05 And now a montage of upcoming Wii U games is being shown, including Darksiders 2, Ninja Gaiden 3 and a Tekken game which lets you draw on your characters as a way of customising them!

18:09 EA’s John Riccitiello joins Reggie and Iwata-san on stage.

18:10 He says he can’t wait for EA to join Nintendo on the new platform.
18:12 Reggie is back on stage, talking about the DS, Wii, 3DS and Wii U and the innovation that each of the consoles brings.

18: 13 Reggie wraps up the presentation, and also tells online viewers check out for some exclusive footage.

18:14 The presentation ends with a ton of Nintendo partner logos left on the big screen.

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