Colossal Final Fantasy Cosplay Group Takes Expo by Storm

London MCM Expo’s online community is growing and growing as it gathers more fans. One more noticeable group is the ‘Final Fantasy Round-Up!’; a dedicated team of over 100 cosplayers and photographers who are creating costumes from the popular game franchise, Final Fantasy. What once was a mere forum thread of six pages, became a deviantART page, two Facebook pages – one for members, one for fans – and soon a new website of their own. Not only is the group organising photoshoots for Expos, but they also help each other by sharing tips, giving advice, helping members sell old costumes, and also promoting costume and prop makers within the community.

In May, the group was seen having photoshoots all over the ExCel Centre. Gatherings as big as sixty were seen outside during Saturday. The group incorporates all thirteen of the main Final Fantasy games (including spinoffs), which means a variety of protagonists, antagonists, and even summons are a part of this incredible assemblage! Cosplay Portrait, a regular photography service at London MCM Expo, were approached by the Final Fantasy Round-Up and have become one of the their main photographers. The company took free individual photos of all those involved, and offered them a special deal for their prints.

J-Ney Antique, or “Captain Wakka” as he is known by members, told us why he wanted to create the Final Fantasy Round-Up; “I didn’t make the Round-Up, the members did. I just had an idea and asked people to help it blossom.

Ashleigh Kirk, a team leader and creator of the ‘FF-Roundup’ on deviantART said this about her role; “I feel I am right in the thick of the group and I see how it all works, from the spark of an idea to the full effect the rest of the world sees!

Other members of the group told us about their experiences as a member; “I made best friends within a week, I had more fun than I’ve ever had before and gained so much confidence and support.

As a cosplayer of 5 years I’ve never met a better group of people that are so organised and generous with their time and help.

This group is one of the reasons why cosplaying has become such an amazing thing to do. It not only has become a community but it is almost like a family.

They are one of the most dedicated and friendly group of cosplayers I have ever met!

Final Fantasy Round-Up is growing rapidly, and already activities outside of MCM Expo are being planned, such as a summer cosplay barbeque! It’s a promising start for a group heading in a good direction, so make sure to look out for them at London MCM Expo in October!

To see more professional photos of Final Fantasy Round-Up, please visit the Cosplay Portait website.

To see some of the fantastic costumes in progress, visit their deviantART page.

To say hello to the Final Fantasy Round-Up on Facebook, click here.

Are you a Final Fantasy cosplayer and interested in joining? Visit their Facebook group to become a member.

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