Super opening weekend for Super 8

IT’S the summer and JJ Abrams is releasing a film that isn’t a prequel, reboot, sequel or based on a comic-book/graphic novel character.

Should he be worried about a possible failure at the box office?

Well, in short, no. He shouldn’t.

After the success of his Star Trek reboot, Abrams went back to the drawing board to create something original.

When he came up with Super 8, it was evident from the trailer that there were some not-so-subtle nods and winks to sci-fi and adventure films from back in the 80s – Close Encounters, The Goonies.

And latest box office figures have revealed Super 8 took some $37m on opening weekend.

Taking into account that the movie reportedly cost $50m to produce, that’s an impressive takings for a film that has no fanbase to rely on.

The JJ Abrams-directed flick centres on a group of kids who witness a train crash then begin noticing strange things happening in the small town where they live.

As always with the brains behind mind-bending TV show Lost, everything has been kept underwraps with no spoilers being dished out, which is always a welcome change to some trailers that promote new releases.

Starring Kyle Chandler, Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning, the UK still has to wait until August 5 before it’s released in cinemas.

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