How To Get Mr Toots In Red Faction Armageddon

Following our recent review of Red Faction Armageddon, we’ve had several emails asking us for help in finding Mars most lethal weapon, the infamous Mr Toots!

Now for those of you unsure about the legend of this weapon? Why it has become a cult legend? Or even what it is, then let me explain. This particular weapon began as a part of a campaign by Armageddon publisher THQ and game makers Volition to get a million people to download the demo of Red Faction Armageddon. The prize for gamers being the inclusion of the aforementioned Mr Toots as a playable weapon in the game upon release, but what was this weapon and why did gamers want its inclusion so desperately. That part, unlike how the creators came up with this insane idea for a weapon (Possibly after watching Deckards dream sequence in Bladerunner?), can be answered very easily, Mr Toots is a Unicorn that shoots a rainbow laser beam out of its backside! Yes you did read that correctly, a Unicorn that shoots rainbow laser beams from its butt, laser beams that can slice entire building in half in fact.

Fast forward a month and it seems as if THQ and Volition were true to their word as upon its release Red Faction Armageddon was confirmed to have Mr Toots in it, but where? And how could gamers get their hands on their very own mythical creature of doom?

Well look no further as we can confirm that there are two ways to get hold of this legendary weapon! The first way is quite simple and all it requires you to do is complete the game to unlock him, simple but it does mean that you don’t have him to play with on your first campaign play through. This is where the second way comes in handy as eagle eyed gamers have discovered a way to unlock him before completion and therefore unleash some rainbow coloured havoc in your first play through. To do this is slightly more involved and thus best shown in the video we found below but the results are the same either way, rainbow laser fun for everyone!

What do you think of Mr Toots as a weapon? Enter your comments below! Also see below to find out what would happen if Mr Toots ventured into the real world!

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