Life size Monster Hunter creatures to be created in Japan!

One month ago, Universal Studios Japan and Capcom Japan announced that they would be collaborating for the creation of “Monster Hunter The Real”, an event opening at Universal Studios Japan from the 2nd of August until the 30th of September. Today, Capcom have revealed that the project will aim to create life size versions of the locations and monsters from the popular Monster Hunter Portable 3rd video game.

Currently there are reports of a Silver Rathalos over 20 metres in length at the event for visitors to look forward to, and more monsters are set to be revealed in the run up to August’s opening – monsters which will most likely include the Jinouga (Zinogre), Tigrex and Doboruberuku seen on the poster. As well as these, realistic creations of the weapons and armours are said to be in production, as well as replicas of the spa house, and the whole Yukomo village itself in Studio 8.

Scale replicas aren’t the only things to look forward to at the event though, because Capcom will also be present to host a time attack tournament. Prizes for the tournament aren’t known at the moment but they will no doubt be Monster Hunter themed… I know that I wouldn’t hesitate to mention how good a full scale Rathalos would look in my back garden!
Monster Hunter themed food and merchandise will also be available on location to complete the event experience.

Be sure to check out the Monster Hunter The Real site here, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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