Bridesmaids movie review

A FEMALE comedy involving a wedding will cover all the typical cliches.

Girl and best friend start arranging wedding. Duo fall out over something. They make up by the end where everyone is pals again.

And with a similar kind of structure, Bridesmaids grabs the female-led romcom by the hair and gives the genre a good shake.

Directed by Paul Feig and written by Kristen Wiig, this is a romcom with a difference. It has heart. It isn’t sickeningly sweet. It has a brilliant turn by Jon Hamm as a sexist lothario. And most of all…it’s damn funny!

Put it this way, it surpasses The Hangover with the sheer number of laugh out loud moments that pepper the story. In fact, even comparing it to The Hangover is doing it a disservice. It’s better in every way.

Annie (Wiig) is unlucky in love. She owned a bakery but when it went under her better half left her. Now, she finds solace in the chauvinistic arms of Ted. He only wants her for sex and is quite clear about it.

When Annie’s best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) announces she’s to get married, the girls get together with their other friends to organise the big day.

What follows is a hilarious conveyor belt of set pieces, pooh gags and face-aching laughs that better most attempts at comedy over the past few years.

Interspersed among the gags is an attempt by Annie to break away from Ted – with police officer Nathan Rhodes (IT Crowd’s Chris O’Dowd).

It won’t be difficult to guess how it all ends, but it’s safe to say the ride getting there is a blast.

On screen, the chemistry among the cast is electric. Hamm is brilliant as Ted, with only one thing on his mind.

And the dialogue between everyone – particularly Wiig and Rudolph – is something else. One scene in a cafe where they discuss fallacio sticks in the mind purely because of their efforts to mime a penis.

There’s a genius gag that takes place while shopping for bridesmaids dresses that must be seen to be believed. It has everything you need for a gross-out comedy scene…and the jokes keep coming.

Melissa McCarthy as the butch Megan steals the show with her one liners. And seeing her in a bridesmaids dress is comedy gold.

There’s also a great rivalry between Annie and Helen (Rose Byrne) as they go up against each other in the quest to be Lillian’s ‘best friend’. The speeches at the engagement party are laughter-enducing and cringeworthy at the same time.

And what about O’Dowd. Well, apart from bringing more humour to proceedings, he also helps provide some of the heart to the show. His role as the kind-hearted Officer Rhodes provides an alternative love interest for Annie.

Bridesmaids may not be able to avoid some of the cliches these comedies rely on but thankfully it’s infinitely better than the painful dross provided by the likes of Jennifer Lopez or Kate Hudson.

Feig and Wiig have combined to bring audiences a comedy about women that will be laughed at and appreciated by both sexes.

If there’s one comedy that must be seen this year, it’s Bridesmaids.

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