Noir Live-Action Green Lit

It  would appear that making anime into live action dramas is becoming a serious business. After the news of Ouran High School Host Club being adapted into a drama (see our news post here); MCM Buzz has also learnt that the classic gun-slinging anime Noir, is also to have a live-action remake. Except that this time, the remake will be American and not Japanese.

The 2001 anime was a huge success and tells the story of two young female assassins: Mireille Bouquet and Yumura Kirika to team up to discover the mysteries of their past, becoming deadly assassins under the code name of ‘Noir’.

Coincidently, North American anime licensers and dubbing giants Funimation released the DVD collection of the series only a few months ago. Starz Media have confirmed their production of the live-action drama and it has been rumoured that the executive producers will be Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert (the creators of Spartacus: Blood and Sand). Potentially, if the show is successful, then it could easily be distributed in the UK, with Manga Entertainment currently being a subsidiary of Starz Media. There is no news as of yet concerning cast members or a release date, but MCM Buzz will be keeping an eye out for any updates.

Maybe this trend in re-making anime as a live action drama could really take off in both Japan and North America. Although it could be quite controversial: the Japanese Death Note movies were tolerable but didn’t compare to the masterpiece of the anime or manga –  as well as those rumours of an American re-make with Zac Efron potentially being cast as Light Yagami. Also, the American Akira film – despite its obstacles- is still going ahead…Let us know your thoughts: what would you think of a Bleach or Naruto live-action television series?

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