The Death of Spider-Man

Spoiler Warning: The following article contains images and spoilers from “Ultimate Comics Spider-Man” No. 160!

With such a provocative title, the last issue of Ultimate Spider-Man ‘The Death of Spider-Man’ was always going to be a bit of a head turner. Catching the eyes and imaginations of both Die-hard Spidey fans and casual acquaintances of the series, alike From the title alone it seems quite clear that ‘our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man‘ might well be ‘hanging out’ in a more celestial neighbourhood in the near future. Indeed Marvel didn’t leave us guessing regarding the outcome of the Ultimate-Spider-Man series with a collection of press releases, which have spelt out the conclusion to the series, appearing in several mainstream media outlets.

The killing off of a hero is a bold move,even if only in the ultimate universe, a fine art of balancing a potentially cash-spinning story with a fitting end to a much loved character. Peter Parker’s death follows the deaths of other Marvel giants, Captain America and Johnny Storm(The Human Torch of The Fantastic Four); arguably Parker’s death is the biggest of the Three and certainly has garnered the most media attention. It also places the series in an interesting position, especially in lieu of the rebooted movie franchise staring Andrew Garfield; it certainly gives the writers options for well handled conclusion to conclude this reboot.

While Peter Parker may be joining the many legions of spiders we’ve squashed under coasters or washed down plug-holes, this is almost certainly not the end for the franchise; Marvel’s editor-in-chief, Axel Alonso, has confirmed a new Spider-Man will take up Parker’s mantle this Autmun. Whoever does take up Peter’s role will certainly have big boots to fill, replacing one of the most recognised names in Marvel’s vast collection of superhero alter egos. The transition of powers to any new Spider-Man will have to be handled well, assuming the plan to retain this continuity (though I for one would not be to disappointed if a zombiefied Parker gives our new hero a quick nip on the ankle thus transferring the web-slinging powers! ).

All in all, the Death of Spider-Man will be an emotional affair all around and without a doubt the sombre ending will leave a tear in even the most hardened reader as they read and see the death of the beloved character . The ending sees Parker dying after saving his Aunt May (See below for the page featuring Peter Parker’s final moments) from his nemesis The Green Goblin, a poetic come full circle end for Parker, whose adventures began after the failure to save his Uncle Ben. Series Writer Brian Michael Bendis told USA Today that he wrote the story, “with tears in my eyes like a big baby”. He went on to say The character was like a family member, he said, “and I murdered him!.”

Do you think the killing of Spider-Man was a good idea? How would you have killed him off?

Spoiler Warning: The Following image courtesy of contains the aforementioned death scene so read on at your own peril.

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