Teaser Trailer for Disney Pixar’s Brave

The teaser trailer for Disney Pixar’s Brave was attached to the US release of Cars 2 over the weekend. The trailer has now officially arrived online.

Brave is set in mythical Scotland and follows the royal family King Fergus (Billy Connolly), Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson) and their daughter Princess Merida (Kelly Macdonald). Merida is a skilled archer and wishes to make her own way in the world. However, she makes a reckless decision and inadvertently brings disaster to her father’s kingdom. In trying to put things right she goes on a journey where she meets a Wise Woman (voiced by Julie Walters), and a bear.

The film has attracted attention for being Pixar’s first film with a lead heroine. Reese Witherspoon was previously cast to voice Princess Merida, but left due to scheduling conflicts. Originally titled, The Bear and the Bow, it was set to be directed by Brenda Chapman, who for reasons unknown was replaced by Mark Andrew, though Chapman still retains a writing credit.


Brave is scheduled to open in the US on June 22nd 2012 and in the UK on August 17th 2012.

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