Tekken: Blood Vengeance DVD partner announced

Namco Bandai have today announced that Kazé (Viz Media Group) will be the distribution partner for their upcoming Tekken CGI feature film, Tekken: Blood Vengeance.

As the leading publisher and distributor for anime in Europe, it was only natural that the company was sought after and a partnership agreed upon for what could be one of the best films of the year amongst fans.

The movie itself is produced by Digital Frontier, the studio behind Resident Evil: Degeneration, Death Note and Appleseed, whereas the job of penning the script fell to experienced writer, Dai Sato, the man behind popular series including Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Cowboy Bebop.
Music for the film has been created by Hitoshi Sakimoto, the composer responsible for the music in over 150 games, not least of which, Final Fantasy Tactics.
Tekken fans looking forward to Blood Vengeance can also further rejoice in the knowledge that a true Tekken masterpiece is on the way, as the director for the film is none other than, Youichi Mouri, the man behind the intro cinematics for the Tekken 5 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion games.
Audio for the DVD release of Blood Vengeance will be available in English, French, German, Italian and Japanese, ensuring that fans worldwide will be able to enjoy the movie.

As well as the standalone DVD release of Blood Vengeance by Kazé, Namco Bandai have also recently announced a seperate package known as the TEKKEN hybrid Blu-ray, exclusive for the Playstation 3 console.
The TEKKEN hybrid Blu-ray will feature the original TEKKEN game as well as fan favourite, Tekken Tag Tournament HD, and of course, the movie Tekken: Blood Vengeance. Namco Bandai also promise that there will be more, yet to be announced content on the disc.

The Tekken hybrid Blu-ray will see it’s release onto the Playstation 3 console in November 2011 and Tekken fans are most definitely in for a treat when it does.

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