Thor 2 Release Date Announced And Someone Is Not Returning!

Following the film’s recent stellar performance at the box office (The film made approx $437million worldwide), it was no surprise that Thor would get a sequel especially as most of the successful Marvels superhero films seem to be heading that way. So it was no surprise when Disney and Marvel announced the July 26th 2013 release date for Norse God based sequel that will see Chris Hemsworth reprise his role as the title character. The surprise came in another form and that is that Thor’s director, the mighty Kenneth Branagh, will not be back for directing duties for the sequel.

Whilst this news is disappointing and slightly unnerving, as director changes in superhero franchises tend to not go well for the movie (Superman Returns and X3 anyone?), Branagh’s exit was apparently mutual and amicable according to sources.  So as this dust settles on this announcement the battle will no doubt now commence to find Branagh’s replacement and after the success of the first film there is likely to be no shortage of big named directors queueing up to take over.

What are your thoughts on Thor 2? Do you think that it will be as good without Branagh’s Shakespearean flare? Leave your comments below!

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