James Jean’s ‘REBUS’ on its way!

It would be all too tempting to dive straight into the news of his latest work, but perhaps first an introduction to this prolific figure is in order.

Born in Taiwan and based in Los Angeles, James Jean is a highly accomplished artist with no less than eighteen awards to his name. To give you a flavour, he has won five ‘Best Cover ArtistEisner Awards, three Harvey Awards of the same title and three Gold Medals from the prestigious Society of Illustrators. Considering the beauty and diversity of his work, it seems fair to argue that those achievements are well-deserved. He is perhaps best-known for his Fables cover illustrations, a popular comic-book series published by DC‘s Vertigo. However, he has also made himself known in other ventures too, having worked with an impressive list of clients. He has even collaborated with Prada, for whom he designed a mural, clothing, and a visually unique backdrop for their 2008 Spring/Summer show in Milan.

Though able to handle a range of mediums and a variety of subject matters, Jean retains a distinctive style: often sumptuous, frequently floral and always evocative. As can be seen in the photograph of his REBUS installation (above), bright colours draw the eye and intricate detail holds it. Having retired from commercial projects three years ago, Jean has turned his full attention to painting, which is why the upcoming release of his newest instalment is so exciting.

REBUS is a sort of printed portfolio, showcasing new work as well as milestones in his creative career. Just four days ago, Jean updated his blog with photos of the newly published French edition (pictured below), causing a great stir among followers. Two days later, he tweeted “Yes, in September (possibly August) we’ll have signed copies of REBUS available [here].” It goes without saying that this collection is a must-have for fans, and potentially worth a look at for any aspiring fine artists.

Visit James Jean on his official website, Twitter and Facebook.


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