WWE Goes Beyond Men Fighting

The audience for WWE are used to seeing and hearing pyro’s, promos, entrance music, RAW and Smackdown General Manager announcements and most importantly, the wrestling matches in the infamous WWE ring. It is very rare to see what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to the WWE company.  On Wednesday 29th of June, American TV business channel Bloomberg did a segment on the WWE management on thier show Enterprise, interviewing important staff members from the WWE, including Paul Levesque (also known as WWE Superstar Triple H) and his wife Stephanie McMahon.

Most WWE fans would know Stephanie McMahon to be WWE‘s Executive Vice President of Creative Development and Operations and Triple H as the new WWE Director of Talent Development. During the Enterprise interview, Triple H talks about the amount of work he does in order to help put on a show and how, “it’s the one thing about this company…everybody pitches in and we all do it all, just to make a product.” Another interesting element he discusses is the certain qualities he looks for in finding a wrestler that is suitable for the sports entertainment company: “Our business is like a puzzle, there’s a puzzle of being a great wrestler, there’s a puzzle of being a performer, there’s a great actor, there’s a guy that can talk well on the microphone, there’s the ad-libber, and then there’s that charisma, that larger than life character.” All qualities that make a great wrestler. He stresses and raises the issue that WWE are a global company and that around the world, people understand what the company does and really enjoy the footage and stories that are created in the ring. As the Head of Talent Development, he hopes to further that.

A lot of debate surrounds WWE‘s storylines, regarding whether they’re too predictable, boring or exciting and fun. According to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, it’s always a very simplistic storyline when it comes to a main match: “Two men step into the ring, or women, one guy pins the other guy down for three seconds or makes the other guy give up. One guy’s good, one guy’s bad.” Stephanie highlights that wrestling has been around for years and years which makes their business easier to access around the world than other mediums.

A wrestler’s image is another unique factor about this business. Before the interview starts, Stephanie McMahon shows the interviewer Melissa Long the mask that her husband wears for his character The Skull King at  Wrestlemania 27. Stephanie then goes on to explain how the WWE business are plannng to sell rubber replicas of the mask to mainly Triple H‘s fan-base (potentially 8 to 16 year old males) and licensing the character across things such as video games, comic books and possibly films and animation: “That’s the idea; you have a character, you have that IP and you market it across all the different platforms that you possibly can.”

Triple H also reminisces from the wrestler’s point of view: “When you walk into this place, you are made to feel like it’s your company.” This backs up Vince McMahon‘s (who was another interviewee) earlier point: “You don’t work for me, you work with me,” which shows the significance of how the WWE business is all about teamwork and working together, like Triple H says, “to make a product.”

Long’s interview with Vince and others such as WWE‘s Chief Financial Officer, George Barrios discussed the idea of WWE becoming a part of the TV network. Vince says that the TV network is something the company needs to get into in order for them to provide the entertainment that the fans want and that they should be able to feel what they are watching when it comes to a live WWE event. Barrios states that the TV medium is how they build their WWE Superstars and how the business gets their fans, although to him, he feels that the TV network will take a while to launch, but it’s looking to hopefully be a successful one. The TV network idea will be a great advantage because it comes with the benefit that when fans subscribe to their channel, WWE will get the support that they need from subscribers and other networks, says a stock expert who was also interviewed.

This interview shows the WWE TV network in a positive light and opens the people outside the corporation’s minds a bit more by giving them an insight on the important factors that go on in the locker rooms and behind the cameras. Enterprise has given its audience a reason why they should respect the wrestling business and has also made the WWE fans proud of being a consumer of this particular franchise.

What do you guys think about the interview? Do you agree with the things that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have mentioned? Add your comments below after watching a part of the interview underneath this!

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