Check Out The First Ouran teaser!

A teaser for the new Ouran High School Host Club drama has been released! And it’s a teaser in the truest sense, lasting  a mere sixteen seconds.
This brief glimpse shows us a scene many will recognise from the anime: Haruhi Fujioka, protagonist of the series, walks into a room in search of a quiet place to study but instead comes face to face with six charming young men. “Greetings,” Tamaki Suoh says, extending his hand, and thus Haruhi‘s story with the Host Club begins.

What are your thoughts after watching the teaser? Are you happy with the casting? Are you secretly a little disappointed by the lack of whimsical rose petals as the Host Club’s doors swing open? Post your comments in the box below!

The drama is set to premiere on TBS on July 22nd.

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