WWE ’12 New Control Method Details!

As the months pass and the all important 4th quarter looms games developers are starting to release more about their marquee titles for that period, one such company being THQ who have released information on their forthcoming revamp of the WWE game franchise, WWE ‘12.

In a previous article we mentioned how THQ had planned to make major overhauls on almost all aspects of the game and further evidence of this has emerged with news that the control method will be brand new, well sort of.  THQ have decided to drop of the option of using the right stick to pull off moves and have opted instead for allowing players to use the controllers face buttons. The new controls are as follows:

A- Grapple
B- Irish Whip/Pin
X- Striking
Y- Finishers
LB- Action Button
RB- “New” Limb Targeting System
LT- Running
RT- Counters
DPad- Taunts
RS- Switching Opponents Position
LT+RT- Dragging Opponent

Whilst this certainly isn’t a new concept for the franchise, it is one that hasn’t been seen in a while and shows a real effort on THQ’s part to revamp the game and they have assured doubting gamers that they will get used to this new method easily.  However for those who prefer the old method then worry not as it will be available as an alternate control method in the games options menu.

So far the new changes seem intriguing but the true test of whether the game will succeed will come as we head ever closer to the games November 25th release and find out more about the finer details of these changes and how they will make the game Bigger, Badder, Better.

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