Spike Lee to Direct Remake of Oldboy?

According to Twitch comes news that Spike Lee is in talks to direct a remake of the Korean revenge thriller Oldboy with Mandate Pictures. As the director of Malcolm X, Summer of Sam and Inside Man, he could be just the man needed to bring a fresh spin on the revenge story. 

Talks of an American remake have been circulating during the last few years, with directors such as Justin Lin, Matthew Vaughn and Danny Boyle having been approached to helm the film. It initially looked like it would go ahead when Steven Spielberg and Will Smith became involved back in 2008. Smith revealed that they were actually looking into adapting the original Manga rather than Chan-Wook Park’s film. However, a year later and they had both left the project.

Doug Davison and Roy Lee will be producing the film, having both worked on Asian remakes such as The Ring, The Grudge and The Departed. Mark Protosevich (who scripted I Am Legend and has a story credit on Thor) will be writing the script. It’s worth noting that Protosevich has been attached to the remake since Spielberg and Smith’s involvement. That he’s still on board suggests that if Mandate Pictutes and Lee do go ahead, then it would most likely be with an adaptation of the Manga.

The Manga was first published in Japan back in 1997 by Futabasha Publishers, with an English translation published by Dark Horse Comics in 2006. Chan-Wook Park’s film was released in 2003 and told the story of a man imprisoned for 15 years, without knowing why. Once he is released he goes on a journey to seek vengeance on the one who locked him away. Oldboy has already seen an unofficial Bollywood rip-off, Zinda, released back in 2006.

Source: Twitch

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