LM.C’s song to be used for anime

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band LM.C are to have their new song, ‘Hoshi No Arika,’ featured as the theme song for the anime ‘Nurarihyon no Mago‘ a.k.a ‘Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan!’

If you don’t know the band by name, you might know them from their previous anime collaborations. In 2007, their single ‘Oh My Juliet‘ was used as an ending theme for the Red Garden series. They’re also associated with the popular anime title Reborn!, as their singles have been used twice as the series’ opening themes, first in 2007 with ‘Boys and Girls,’ and again in 2008 with ‘88.’

Hoshi No Arika‘ is due to be relesed on July 27th and will be available with four different covers, two of which are shown above. Find out more on LM.C’s official website, and for more on Nura have a look at Viz Media‘s Viz Anime site!

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  1. Guest says:

    It was Rock the LM.C that was used as the ending theme song for “Red Garden”.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. Both songs were used as ending themes; Rock the LM.C as the first and Oh My Juliet as the second, however the latter was referred to here because I believed it was the better known.

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