Evil Dead remake is real and “Scary as hell”

During the last few years there have been numerous reports of another Evil Dead film. However, there was confusion as to whether it would be a forth instalment, a remake, or possibly even both.

Talk of a remake began back in 2004, with the director of The Evil Dead trilogy, Sam Raimi, and its star, Bruce Campbell, looking for a new director to take on the project. Four years later, it appeared that the remake was dead after Campbell revealed that nothing was happening. Then Raimi revealed in 2009 that he was working on a script for Evil Dead IV with his brother Ivan.

Now comes news from various sources that a remake is definitely in the works. First, Dread Central reported that Raimi’s long time editor, Bob Murawski, was heading out to Detroit to work on the film. Then Bloody Disgusting managed to break the news that the remake will be directed a young upstart, Federico Alvarez. It’s believed that his short sci-fi film Panic Attack helped him land the job.

Bruce Campbell confirmed the news himself when he responded to a fan on Twitter by saying, “Believe in the remake, dawg! The project is real. In the works. Cool as hell. Scary as hell.

With Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi behind the film as producers, it must mean that there’s got to be something good there to justify a remake. Though with the release of the last film, Army of Darkness, back in 1992, is another Evil Dead 20 years too late?

Source Bloody Disgusting | Dread Central | Bruce Campbell’s Twitter

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