Giving International K-Pop Fans A Voice!

Last Saturday, a very special event called Bring YG to the UK flashmob was held in Trafalgar Square, London. This event brought hundreds of young people together to voice their love for Korean Pop music, aiming at one particular Korean Pop record label that goes by the name of YG Entertainment.

YG Entertainment is known for being the agency that has developed acts, preferably in genres such as R&B and dance that are very popular with the fans: Big Bang and 2NE1 are some of the ones amongst that list and these bands are also a part of a franchise called the YG Family.

The event was set up on Facebook (By an 18 year Korean girl called Katy) and gave details to attendees on times, dress code (mostly colourful and vibrant clothes to fit one of the music eras that the music acts have previously worked with) and what songs were featured on the track-list that would be playing at the event (2NE1‘s Fire and Big Bang members GD & TOP‘s High High were included). Later on, these songs would allow fans to dance and sing along, so all in all it was a harmless and fun event.

YG representatives attended and spoke/interviewed a few fans and South Korean news companies such as MBC filmed an report of the event to showcase and broadcast back to Korean television viewers. The fans explained why they really liked and supported YG and held fan-made posters/banners to portray how much they appreciated the record label and how much they wanted YG acts to come over to the UK. However, fans from France and Canada also attended to provide their support to this positive event. This shows how dedicated K-Pop fans are and how wide the range of international fans is.

A lot of smiles and pleased faces left the event as it finished after two hours. Hopefully the rumour about YG artists performing at London Thames Festival this September will come true to these passionate fans and answer their dreams.

After such seeing such positivity from this flashmob, another flashmob will be held in the same place on 16th July but this time for an SM Town concert and another popular South Korean record label, SM Entertainment. If you are a particular fan of SM Entertainment artists such as SHINee, TVXQ or f(x) then it is strongly suggested that you get yourself down there for a day of fun and a chance to make friends with fellow fans!

What do you think of the flashmob idea? Do you think K-Pop acts will branch out more internationally to their fans? Add your thoughts and comments below, after watching the video!

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