Will the Naruto Manga End in a Year?

Can you believe that it was in 1999 that Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan published the first chapter of Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto? Who would have guessed that this pubescent ninja’s adventures would span over ten years and sell over ten million copies in Japan alone? Now, after so much popularity, there are hints and rumours that the Naruto Manga could end by this time next year. Rumours online are pointing out that Kishimoto is presently setting up the final arc of the story. Without giving too much away, the Fourth Great Ninja War is currently taking place in the Manga, where all of the nations will be uniting together in what could be an explosive finale to the epic series. Although the biggest showdown will of course be between Naruto himself and Sasuke, who has since turned into the main antagonist in the recent plot developments. No doubt whatever Kishimoto has planned, it won’t disappoint fans.

Naruto is one of the most popular Manga series’ in the world, with over 500 chapters, two hugely popular Anime series’ as well as six spin off movies and enough merchandise to fill a warehouse. It’s hard to miss Naruto on the shelves in bookshops and the amount of cosplayers and fans at conventions. Without a doubt, the prospect of Naruto ending is the end of an era in the Anime and Manga world; similar to the hype surrounding the conclusion of Harry Potter.

Popular Manga series’ Bleach and One Piece show no signs of concluding presently. Arguably Bleach could have ended a few months ago with a breathtaking and tense ending, but instead has had a small time skip. One Piece has also had a time leap, something which happened in the Naruto series a few years ago.

How do you feel about Naruto possibly ending? Do you think it’s time for Kishimoto to call it a day? Let us know your comments in the box below.

Volumes 1-51 of the Manga are now available in English from Viz Media. The Naruto Unleashed Anime and Naruto Shippūden are currently available from Manga Entertainment UK.

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