New Trailer for Horror Prequel The Thing

Universal have finally released a trailer to The Thing, a prequel to John Carpenter’s horror classic, which itself was a remake of the 1950’s movie, The Thing From Another World.

Paleontologist Kate Lloyd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) heads out to an isolated outpost in the Antartic to join a team of Norwegian scientists after they unearth an alien spacecraft. It just so happens the alien is still alive, and has the ability to perfectly replicate itself into any living being. Paranoia sets in as the team try to work out who is human, and who is The Thing.

From the trailer, it seems that some scenarios and tropes appear to be taken directly from Carpenter’s film. The outpost looks almost identical, with its narrow corridors and huskies; right down to the team of scientists with beards wielding flamethrowers!

Directed by newcomer Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., The Thing opens in the US on October 14th, and is currently scheduled to open in the UK on December 2nd.

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