Scarface: Say Hello To My Great Little Viral!

Warning this article and in particular the video below contains A LOT of strong and therefore potentially offensive language! Viewer discretion is advised. 

In the current world, we are on a daily basis subjected to an extraordinary amount of advertising and more often than not advertisers use the same format or tired old advert again and again to try to attract our attention. So imagine this writers surprise when I opened an email promoting the forthcoming Triple Play movie release (That’s one package that features a Blu-ray, DVD and Digital copy of a product) of Scarface and I find not only a fun piece of viral marketing but one that is completely in keeping with the movie.

The piece in question is a video that not only shows you but also counts how many times the word f!*k is used throughout the classic movie. The end number is quite impressive and a definite warning to those who wanted to use the movie as part of a drinking game. To see this video and re-live a little bit of cinema history click play. below.

But back to the point of the press release and indeed the videos existence; Scarface is coming to Blu-ray and from all accounts it looks set to be an epic release for the cult gangster movie that even today still has its presence felt. So what will fans of this movie be able to get for their money? Well, fans will be able to see the movie in spectacular high definition, the audio will be in 7.1 (a first for the film), there will also be a slew of never before seen extras created for the release including the “Scarface Phenomenon” documentary (For a complete list of extras see below) and the film will also be available for digital download and video-on-demand.

For those who are not familiar with the movie, Scarface is the rags-to-riches story of Tony Montana , who finds wealth, power and passion beyond his wildest dreams…at a price he never imagined. The film is directed by acclaimed director Brian DePalma and features Al Pacino in what many class as one of his most memorable performances as he portrays the aforementioned gangster boss, Tony Montana.

So when will this impressive package be available to purchase and how much will we be expected to pay for it? The answers are September 5th and depending on where you purchase it from, a very reasonably priced £16.99 (or £17.99 for the cool looking Steel book edition). However if you shop around you’ll also be able to find a collector’s edition box set priced at around £45 that contains the Blu-ray, a Tony Montana signature money clip, a Green card envelope including Tony Montana dollar bill, green card and 3 exclusive artcards, The Making of Scarface’ exclusive booklet inc. stills and production notes and they are all collected together in a special hinged rigid cigar box style packaging.

For fans of this movie, movie buffs or even the first time buyer this is a movie that is certainly worth owning and is one that will see many fans cry “Say hello to my little (Blu-ray) player”, when it is available in stores on September 5th.

Scarface is released by Universal Pictures on Triple Play Blu-ray September 5th and can be purchased or pre-ordered where ever Blu-rays are sold or at one of the following retailers HMV, Play or Amazon 

As promised above here is the list of  extras you will find on this release: 

The Scarface Phenomenon
Deleted Scenes

The World of Tony Montana
The Rebirth
The Acting
The Creating
Scarface: The TV Version, The Making of Scarface: The Video Game

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