Resident Evil 6 Logo Leaked at Comic-Con

After months of rumours, it appears that Resident Evil 6 has been confirmed in a private Capcom press conference during this week’s San Diego Comic-Con. Revealed by Rely On Horror, the leaked screenshot shows what appears to be the logo for the next game in the Resident Evil franchise. 

As well as showing the official logo, the text at the bottom reads “More News To Come This Tokyo Game Show 2011.” The picture also displays a date – 15th September 2011. This happens to be the start date for the Tokyo Game Show, so it seems highly likely that Capcom will release more details on this date at the show itself. There are question marks about the legitimacy of this image, however the date used seems authentic enough. Plus Capcom have revealed in the last few months that they are working on Resident Evil 6, with Masachika Kawata, co-producer of Resident Evil 5, revealing that the game will be, “a complete renovation.” For now, Resident Evil fans will just have to wait to see if 15th September definitely brings some news regarding this sixth instalment.

The real question though is whether the game will be a return to the old Resident Evil slow-paced horror formula, or if they’ll be continuing with the action-packed format the series took in in the fourth and fifth instalments.

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