Mystery Guest at Amazing Spider-Man panel at Comic-Con

The panel for Sony PicturesThe Amazing Spider-Man at Comic-Con began with a slight interruption as a fan wearing a cheap looking Spider-Man costume walked up to the Q&A microphone.

We’re not gonna take questions just yet,” said the moderator. The fan carried on anyway, saying, “Do you mind? Can I say one thing?” and rambled on anyway, talking about how it was, “the most incredible day of [his] life,” because he always wanted to be at the San Diego Comic-Con as Spider-Man.

Then the mask came off, and… well, see for yourself:


The audience went nuts when they saw that it was Andrew Garfield! Breathless and clearly very nervous (you can hear the fear in his voice), he later admitted that he was so scared that he almost didn’t do the stunt!

You have no idea how much this means to me,” said Garfield. “Peter Parker has inspired me to feel stronger! He made me, Andrew, braver. He reassured me that by doing the right thing, it’s worth it, it’s worth the struggle, it’s worth the pain, it’s worth even the tears, the bruises and the blood. And I wouldn’t be able to stand here in front of you guys right now without feeling that Spider-Man was here with me…”

The Amazing Spider-Man opens on July 3rd 2012

Source: Popculturegeek

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