Sonny Liew’s Malinky Robot release looming!

Sonny Liew

In an industry dominated by Japan and The U.S.A, Sonny Liew is one in a million and a particularly unique comic-book artist and writer. Malaysian-born, Eisner award nominee, Sonny has cast his magic upon Marvel and Vertigo Comics (to name but a few) countless times, but now dominates the independent scene with his very own globally praised graphic novel ‘Malinky Robot’, now set to be officially released in August.

Malinky Robot Cover

Malinky Robot, Xeric Award recipient and winner of the Prix de la Meilleure BD depicts the stories of two wasteland bound children (Atari and Oliver) surviving within a future dystopia in which the reader is narrated abruptly through the streets as eye-witnesses to their bizarre every day life. Beautifully drawn in pastel imagination, Malinky Robot defines sci-fi, and twists previous methods of illustration in ways we haven’t seen before.


With Malinky Robot‘s long awaited retail release looming, Sonny Liew shared a few public words:

“The story setting, I guess, comes from two things I find visually engaging: cyberpunk movies like Blade Runner with near-future dystopia’s, crumbling buildings, and rag-tag clothing; and the over saturated signage you find in Asian cities, particularly the use of cartoon characters in advertising, I tried to capture the small moments of epiphany or simple happiness we sometimes find in everyday life. Sadness and melancholy too, and the bitter-sweet most of all. Maybe the collection is a reaction too to some of the comics prevalent these days that place a premium on spectacular fights and explosions, women in spandex, and all sorts of casual violence. ”

Due to be published by Image Comics on 30th August 2011 in the UK, you can now pre-order your copy from all good book stores. This is one you do not want to miss.

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