Doctor Who Season 6 Part 2 To Air In The US First?!

As part of this past weekends San Diego Comic-Con it was announced that Doctor Who Season 6 would return to US screens on August 27th which it would seem is before the show returns in the UK!

Whilst the BBC have yet to confirm the UK release date of the final half of the sixth season, they have said on previous occasions that it will return in the Autumn (Possibly September) and if this is so it could mean that as with the recent return of Torchwood, UK viewers have been left out in the cold.

So what could prompt this extra ordinary move? Well in this writers opinion this has likely happened due to the fact that in the US the series is aired on BBC America and unlike the schedule of its UK counterpart, it has less original programming to show and therefore more gaps to fill.

Either way this news will come as a shock to UK fans, many of whom are still feeling upset about the fact that a similar scheduling issue occurred with the new series of Torchwood. But in the meantime Whovians can temper their anger somewhat by having a look at the new Season 6 Part 2 trailer that debuted at Comic-Con (Click play below to watch). 

Update: It has now been confirmed by the BBC that Doctor Who will return on the same day as the US series airs, Saturday 27th August. The UK version will by starting at 7:10pm, the BBC has not yet commented why it took them as long as it did to announce this news. 

So what do you think of the US getting Doctor Who first? Add your thoughts in the comments below!

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