MacGuyver To Return! But Not To TV…..

This past weekend at the San Diego Comic-Con it was announced that MacGuyver is returning Summer 2012 but not in the medium everyone is used to. Him being the man who could make something out of nothing will be having his own comic book series! Published by Image Comics and titled The Fugitive Gauntlet , the book will be written by UK writer extraordinaire, Tony Lee (Doctor Who) and will feature the art of the fantastic Becky Cloonan (East Coast Rising). And as if that wasn’t enough to give you a Geekgasm then how about the fact that the show’s creator will also be Lee David Zlotoff will be working with the aforementioned Mr Lee on the comics writing duty.

The mini-series is set to run for five issues and for those wondering if the MacGuyver we remember of old will be back, writer Tony Lee has this to say on the subject, “It’s the same MacGyver but in a more contemporary setting. But don’t worry, he’ll still be creating his gadgets.” Speaking of the gadgets, the man who was responsible for creating the gadgets on the TV series John Potter (The Real MacGuyver if you will), will be aiding the team and providing them with the tools to help get MacGuyver out of whatever situation they decide to put him in.

Speaking of situations, the plot for the comic is a tightly kept secret, but writer Tony Lee has said that as the title suggests our hero will be a fugitive and will be running a gauntlet of such which sees him chased by every hitman in town. All of whom will find that their bounty drops by a million dollars each day MacGuyver lives; sounds like our hero is in for a bit of rough time if you ask me.

That said, and I don’t know about you, but the Olympics suddenly take’s second place for me as the event of the summer next year.

Are you excited about the return of this TV legend? Can you make a world saving device out of lolly sticks, elastic bands and sticky tape? Add your thoughts and device plans in the comments below.

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