Craig Charles Confirms New Red Dwarf Series Details

At this Saturday’s Manchester MCM Expo, one of the guests in attendance was Craig Charles, famous for his work on Robot Wars, Takeshi’s Castle, Red Dwarf and more recently Coronation Street. During the event, he took part in a quick question and answer time on the main stage at the Manchester MCM Expo, answering questions from fans.

Whilst he was on stage, the crowds flocked over as he exclusively revealed some secrets about a new Red Dwarf production. A fan in the crowd asked if there was a chance of another one-off special of Red Dwarf in which he replied, “Well actually there is going to be a whole new series…we start production in October/November time and Coronation Street have given my a whole three months off to do it.”

This was some of the biggest news of the day and sent the crowd into a rapid applause. He then followed this news up by telling fans that it would be produced in the traditional Red Dwarf way and therefore whoever wanted to be in the audience for the episodes filming should contact Grant Naylor productions about tickets. He also mentioned that because there are several production companies behind its making (Dave and BBC Worldwide), fans can expect lots of special features and bonuses when it’s eventually released on DVD. He also confirmed that the whole cast will be back including Chloë Annett, who will return as Kochanski, however he emphasised that he was not sure on which Holly Dwarfers would be seeing when the show returned. When questioned further about the episodes he answered that they were good fun and that they would be a full 30 minutes, unlike the previous iterations, Back To Earth, of which he told fans to buy the director’s cut version, as there were a lot of scenes put back in that allowed the episodes to make more sense. 

How do you feel about Red Dwarf returning to our screens? Do you think it will be as good as the classic Red Dwarf from a few years ago, or are you interested to see how it’s going to look as a series rather than just a one-off special? Let us know in the comments box below!

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