Buzz Exclusive: First look at London Expo limited edition Tank Girl poster

Following the recent announcement on the MCM Buzz podcast, of an exclusive Tank Girl poster created by artist Rufus Dayglo, the MCM Buzz is proud to be able to give you an exclusive first look at this special artwork.

Limited to only 100 copies, the poster (see right), will be available to purchase on the weekend and even be signed by the artist himself, who will also be in attendance at the event.  Dayglo began his work in the animation industry working on films, pop promos, commercial and also storyboarding, before moving on and becoming a comic book artist. Since then he worked for the likes of IDW, 2000 AD and has most recently taken over as the main artist on the Tank Girl series.

 For more information on the London Comic Con this October then visit here and to purchase tickets visit here.

 What do you think of this announcement? Will you be one of the 100 people clambering to get their hands on this one of a kind poster? Let us know in the comments below!



  1. Kpopkimi Chan says:

    Dear lord… DO WANT!!!!

  2. guest says:

    i miss the old tank girl

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