HMV Supporting the Kpop Wave

It seems that media outlet HMV has heard the calls of fans in the UK, and decided to start stocking Kpop albums. At the moment Davichi‘s “Amaranth” and Infinite‘s “Evolution” are the only albums availible.

With the main means of buying Kpop merchandise such as CD‘s, DVD‘s, and posters being the internet and importing from another country, the costs are sometimes huge. For example, when importing Super Junior‘s fifth album “Mr. Simplefrom YesAsia, the cost of the item was roughly £18, but when postage and packaging was added the total became £25.99. By taking out the postage and packaging, and stocking within the country, it means the product will be cheaper and hopefully people won’t be downloading as much. Plus delivery times will be shortened to within a week instead of the usual 14 – 20 days, if not cut out completely by collecting on the day in-store.

The word at the moment is that HMV should be getting more Kpop CD‘s in the future. At the moment I can confirm that London’s Oxford Circus HMV has both Divichi‘s and Infinite’s albums in stock as pictured by Kpop fan @ZaZaKu84. While it shows Infinite’s album for £15, you can also pick it up on HMV‘s website here, for only £9.99 with free delivery.

It seems that online sites such as Ebay and Amazon might be hit hard, as their prices range between £11 and £17 for Infinite’sEvolution” album. Yesasia is one of the biggest Kpop suppliers online, and determined not to be beaten, they seem to have placed the same album in their sale dropping from £13.99 to only £9.09. The battle of the bargains have started.  

What are your thoughts on HMV stocking Kpop? Do you think it’s about time? Is there a HMV or media outlet near you that is selling Kpop? Send us a comment and tell us what you think.

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